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Sparks Dance Centre offers the following classes:-


Classical Ballet

SparksDC believes ballet is the technical foundation to all dance styles including Break
and Hip Hop. We offer open foundation classes that incorporate traditional and modern music for everyone including mums, footy teams and professional sports players as
ballet encourages lean muscles development, core strength, correct posture ,flexibility and

assists in rehabilitation. Dancers are taught one of the prettiest syllabi in the world based on the Russian, English and Australian styles with a strong emphasis on technique, upper body movement and use of head and arms while maintaining good use of turnout and placement on hips. All dancers at SparksDC are encouraged to partake in at least one ballet class a week. We challenge you!! You’ll love the results! We invite dancers to partake in our annual exams.


To compliment classical ballet we offer demi and Pointe classes to strong dedicated classical students. It is a myth that you need to be a certain age to go “en Pointe”. You must be able to sew your own shoes, demonstrate commitment and pass each stage of the Pointe assessment programme in order to dance safely and effortlessly in this style.

Jazz Dance

SparksDC offers a range of exciting Jazz classes that will vary each term from cabaret, technical lyrical and dynamic challenging moves in order to developed individual style. Jazz dance is fun, exciting and upbeat offering moves that encourage good flexibility and include high kicks and powerful jumps.


Cutting-edge risky and inspiring, Combining ballet technique and the texture of modern movements Students will be encouraged to discover their own abilities by pushing the boundaries of their bodies, discovering flow of movement with correct alignment. From

high impact to soft and lyrical, Contemporary offers something for every dancer. Exams in this style will also be offered.

Tap Dance

Tapping goes back as far as the 1900’s and has had quite a face lift in the last few years. Dancers will learn rhythm and timing along with joining an elite team of dancers! Tapping is rewarding and once mastered will enhance all other styles!

SparksDC teaches a range of Tap syllabi, starting with work suitable for 3 yr olds and going through to tertiary/professional level. We offer a comprehensive system that will ensure your children to learn not only technique but also tapping tips on how to look and sound good as you progress through the levels. We cover many styles from swing and ragtime, to funk and rock, and you have a comprehensive system that uses a variety of tempos and musical styles to give you a broad understanding of Tap and its terminology. We encourage Tappers to partake in our annual exams.

Theatre Stars

This dynamic class is filled with singing, acting and dance, learning pieces from relevant musicals. We incorporate audition techniques such as preparing a dance CV, show reals, photographic advice, make up application and song choice. Students learn voice projection and how to perform in the musical theatre arenas. SparksDC students have the opportunity to perform live through out the year.

Hip Hop

A modern funky class, including, Breaking, Popping, Locking, free styling, B- girls and B – boys. Combined classes as well as boys or girls “only” classes. Fun filled sessions with a strong impact of precise movements. Regular friendly “battles “held for parents and friends to cheer along!


Dancers need to be more than a triple threat. Not only do you have to be able to sing, dance and act, now being able to flip and tumble adds that element of dynamics to your routine and sets you apart. SparksDC will teach you how to train your body to become a strong machine at home, school and dance, teaching you warm ups, strength, lengthening and flexibility techniques. Children are grouped into levels not age and are taught basic skills progressing to advanced tumbling and flips with a strong emphasis on core body awareness in a safe qualified controlled environment.

Mum & Me

Classes designed for mum and baby. A warm fun class for mums wanting a class with their son or daughter. Our class encourages bonding along with incorporating early movement development such as stretching and basic dance skills. A great way for mums and dads to get out of the house while staying fit!

Dancilaties / Kettlenetics

An enjoyable Pilate’s style class incorporating stretches derived from dance, Yoga and Pilates. You will feel longer, leaner and stronger after each session. Work outs vary in intensity, incorporate dance therabands and kettle weights to encourage the relaxation of muscles and development of flexibility and strength.


Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being. SparksDC not only offers this service to the general public but encourages each dancer to receive a massage at least once a term.
There are many styles of massage and one great for dancers is hot stone therapy, this incorporates warmed stones massaged into the muscles. Because they are heated they increase the blood flow a lot quick and muscles can be massage deeper without the pain of deep tissue. The stones can also be used cool and is often related to cryotherapy, this is especially useful to dancers after an injury.
Having a sports massage or deep tissue massage doesn't always mean there is pain involved. Like stretching there is sometimes discomfort, however spending a little time on your body to improve movement, flexibility and strength is a lot better than having months off due to a strained or pulled hamstring!!!
The main focus of massage is used to help elevate pain but one important factor is always
forgotten, PREVENTION is better than a Cure! Having a massage regularly will assist in preventing an injury and will considerably help with getting those side splits and high kicks all the way!!!

Sparkle Toes

This class is perfect for 2-4 year olds. In this class we will provide your child with essential motor skills techniques incorporating sensory tools such as material props, books, tiaras and more. This class is suited for boys and girls learning the basic movement skills to begin their dancing journey.

Pointe, Kick & Tap

A Dynamic class  progressing from Sparkle toes for 5-7 year olds incorporating Ballet, Jazz and Tap. In this one hour class your child will develop skills in all three genres in order for them to continue enjoying the basic areas of dance with an emphasis on technique which is vital in the early years. Your child will be nurtured in a supportive caring environment while developing the necessary dance skills from qualified trainers.

Leaps Jumps  & Turns

Exactly what the name says! In this class you will experience the most challenging and fun Jumps, Travelling leaps and turns imaginable! Whether you can do half a turn or 50 turns this class will improve all areas of your technique.


If you have ever wanted to be like the cheerleaders and master the skills of dancing, turning and jumping with poms this is the class for you. It is helpful to have a knowledge of Jazz dance before entering this class. Poms will challenge your co-ordination with fun fast arm movements along with dynamic steps creating interesting patterns and formations in a team environment.

Adult Conditioning

If you are a mum and need to work on your pelvic floor or are just wanting a different exercise routine unlike anything you have tried then  this is the class for you.  Our conditioning class is low impact making it perfect after surgery or a long rest period from the gym!  The class is slow paced and tailored to each individual attending! You will leave feeling like you have had a personal one on one session as each exercise can be modified to suit you!

Sparks Troupe

Dedicated dancers wanting to expand their performance skills will love our competition Sparks Troupe. When accepted into Troupe you have the option of just joining in on the class to better your techniques or be part of the competition team! Past and Current troupe members have travelled and performed in America at Disney land and Universal studios as well as receiving overall champions at local competitions. Troupe members will also have access to exclusive workshops and interstate travel.

Xtend Barre


Cheer Academy

What is cheer?

Cheerleading and  competitive cheerleading is a unique fusion of dance, jumps, tumbling, stunting and tosses. You have the option of learning cheer skills for fun or for competition as well as developing friendships that lat a life time in a safe and supportive atmosphere.
Cheer has been described as one of the most rapidly growing sports in Australia. Children from the ages of 5 up will learn skills in all areas of basing, tumbling and flying to make them an all rounded athlete.

Sparks Dance Centre is a member of the  Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation (AASCF). AASCF is affiliated and an Australian representative of the International All Star Federation (IASF) and the United States All Star Federation (USASF), the international governing authority in standardised safety, divisional structures, and coach/athlete education of All Star Cheerleading. They are dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Cheerleading as a respected athletic discipline and sport, safe and open to all. Sign up today for your free trial week and unlock your potential!