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Sparks Troupe

Being part of Sparks Troupe is fun, exciting and rewarding.  Our studio is not an eisteddfod studio where we enter every competition available. As Tina is an Australian dance judge the commitment and dedication of being part of Sparks Troupe must be shown. Students that are part of the Troupe must be the leaders of the school in showing dedication and adhering strictly to the uniform and hair rules, as other students will look up to these dancers. Sparks Troupe will have the opportunity to compete in selective competitions throughout Australia. We believe competitions are an important part of your child's development and will participate in several each year.  Sparks Troupe will however focus primarily on performances and will have the opportunity to be involved in fashion shows, community events and so much more that will benefit their growth as an individual and dancer.

Competitions often showcase and focus on what the dancer excels in and often areas of improvement are missed in every day class as the focus is primarily on making those areas stronger and other areas of improvement are forgotten.

In providing more performance based opportunities rather than competitions, we will produce a more well rounded dancer, skilled in all areas.

We will have TWO groups, A & B .Performers in A must be doing at least one class a week in the following styles, Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz.  Performers in B (receiving one dance style in troupe) Need to be doing Jazz. We encourage all styles to be taken in particular Ballet ,Jumps and Musical Theatre for technique and performance skills. Sparks Troupe classes are rehearsal lessons to learn choreography. Lessons during the week are for technique only. We do not have enough time to teach routines and technique in the one class, it is up to the dancer to practice at home to improve areas of flexibility and strength in order for all be at the same level in Sparks Troupe. Saturday classes will be needed leading up to competitions.

There is a separate term fee for Sparks Troupe which covers choreography and lessons. (Sparks Troupe is included if you have chosen the Unlimited dance package) . All Sparks Troupe members will perform routines for fashion shows, community events and much more.  Once commitment is shown in Sparks Troupe classes, dancers will be selected for our Diamond and or Sapphire Performance Troupes.  In competitions these are our A and B teams.  Sparks Troupe performers will need to have reached certain flexibility and style levels to compete in competitions.   

Tap and Hip Hop are specific genres and therefore competitions in these styles will be offered if performers are ready. You will receive a letter of invitation for either of these styles for competitions. Tappers and Hip Hop Dancers competing will have separate rehearsal times and may not necessarily be part of Sparks Performance Troupe.