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Classical Coaching at Sparks Dance Centre offers passionate, dedicated dancers the opportunity to work with Tina Sparks on a personal level.


Classical Coaching at Sparks Dance Centre offers passionate, dedicated dancers the opportunity to work with Christina Sparks on a personal level.
'Tina' has trained many students who have gone on to professional careers in the industry. She has trained in Berlin Germany, worked in America, Sydney, Gold Coast and owns her own studio in Hervey Bay, QLD.
You do not need to be a current student of her school to receive Classical coaching. Permission from your current studio is appreciated.
Christina’s coaching is available to students aged 8-18 years.
Tina’s Coaching will assist and develop the dancer in preparation for:

Class work



Pointe Class

Dance Conditioning

Massage for dancers to enhance flexibility concerns


Rehabilitation Programs

Personal Development

Anxiety and stress issues associated with dance

Performance preparation including hair and make up



Students can bring in a certain exercise or steps they are currently having issues with and work on specific areas of concern.


Tina will give corrections to help Students reach a higher level of marks in their next exam and give tips and hints of the professionals to help them reach their goals.


Training to go into auditions takes time and preparation from inside out, the mind gets in the way for a lot of dancers. Tina will help students find their own little bag of tricks to take into the audition to make them feel successful and happy no matter what the outcome may be for each.


This means variations of professional solo pieces such as Esmeralda, or Giselle to be performed at Elite competitions and to learn steps of the professionals. Tina will also work along side with your teacher and discuss options of what variations will suit you the most.


Pointe work takes so much time and dedication. With Tina’s background in Sports Medicine you will receive Pre pointe assessments to take back to your teacher before taking the next steps to pointe. Exercises for home and class will be put into place to give you the best opportunity to start or continue work en pointe.


Tina will help you improve your technique and performance in all dance forms by strengthening the body’s core while improving your coordination, balance, alignment and flexibility. The result is more lift without tension , deeper plies, higher jump with less effort, tighter turns and improved extension and turn out. Tina has a certificate in Advanced strength and Sports conditioning.


Tina believes a tight body that holds a lot of tension also then limits the flexibility and flow of a dancers movements. Often tight hamstrings or low kicks have nothing to do with the legs. Upper body massage can assist greatly in allowing the body to function at a higher level. Tina is qualified in massage, rehabilitation, injury prevention and is a trainer with Sports medicine Australia


Often Dancers who are moving onto a more elite level of training need to look at their fuel intake. If fatigue, sore muscles or mood swings start showing up, often the Nutrition needs a little shimmy up. Tina has a Diploma in Exercise Science and Fitness management covering Nutrition, rehabilitation and advanced programing.


Tina is Qualified in Rehabilitation and combines her dance background in providing programs that not only help the dancer recover but also come back from an injury stronger and more focused than previously.


Tina loves working with dancers who are willing to take the next step. If there is no challenge … there is no change! Programs are developed to challenge and promote growth from a mental and physical aspect. Deciding to become a dancer is an easy decision, what happens next is the challenging part. We work together to become the best rounded person you can be.


There are a lot more anxious children than there was 5 years ago. Social issue are real. Tina works closely with children’s parents to tackles these issue and also has mentoring programs still in place with professional dancers and past students still to this day.


10 years ago Tina developed her own cosmetic line for dancers called Stand out cosmetics- On stage and Off-. Tina is a qualified Beauty therapist and make up artist and trained by top artist who did the Lord of the rings, the last samurai and more. Tina loves working with dancers to teach them how to do their own make up and when older develop individual looks to make their features stand out on stage the best! We create good skin habits and discuss different looks for auditions via social media and in person. We work on show reels, how to write CV’S and general presentation tips.


Classical coaching can be one on one as frequent as you like. Group coaching can be arrange for no more than 5 in a class for 3 hours of training.
The purpose of this coaching style is to give specific training and the highest level of individualised coaching possible. Larger class sizes will not give us the best outcome. Costs can be shared for duo lessons.
Classical coaching is different to private lessons that work on either technique or a routine.
Coaching will structure classes with the mindset that this will be ongoing and programs will be then set in place consisting of the above. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me come along this journey with you. I look forward to seeing your growth and development. This is just the beginning. Dance is there for a short time in your life, however what it leaves with you and creates in you will last for a life time.
See you on the dance floor soon!
Christina ( Tina) Sparks


Sparks Dance Centre’s Elite Classical Coaching is based on the Russian Vaganova method of training.
The outdated ballet traditions of the early 1900’s led the St. Petersburger ballerina Agrippina J. Vaganova to create her own system of classical dance. By combining elements of the French, Italian (Cecchetti) and Russian ballet schools, and developing them further, she reached a highly detailed theory of dance movement. Thanks to her teaching system, the new Soviet ballet was able to develop its exceptional virtuosity. Her book became the most important handbook for ballet teachers and dancers worldwide. The list of dancers trained in the Vaganova method reads like the “who is who” of ballet: Rudolf Nureyev, Irina Kolpakova, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Natalia Makarova, Yuri Soloviev, Altynai Asylmuratova, Diana Vishneva and Svetlana Zakharova. Today, Vaganova is the chosen method by most full-time ballet schools as well as most professional companies around the world.
Christina has worked with Christine Walsh, who danced as a Principal Artist with the Australian Ballet and performed with great ballet companies around the world including the Kirov Ballet in St Petersburg. After retiring from professional dancing Christine founded the ACB in 1991 and set about developing her own training and assessment program. The syllabus is a 12 year program, designed to train students in the Vaganova method who are not able to take classes full time.
Christina has undertaken teacher training courses with Christine Walsh and is fully qualified to teach the Vaganova method. Each year we will select students to do their exams. Students who receive the highest mark (Distinction) are offered short scholarships to attend the ACB headquarters in the following year. Our coaching is suitable for both those who study ballet as a recreational pursuit and those who wish to follow a career in ballet.
Students that move onto professional companies will study this method of training no matter what background they have come from. Most professional ballet companies give classes in the Russian style because of its acknowledged strength and performing quality.
Christina has a long relationship with Amanda Bollinger. Amanda graduated from the Berlin State Ballet School in Germany where she studied the Vaganova method of classical ballet. She went on to dance with the Metropol Theatre Berlin, was principal artist with the Space Dream Musical Theatre, the Ballett-Compagnie Deutschland and Disney’s multi-million Euro production of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. Amanda performed with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and she was one of only four soloists chosen from around Germany to dance in the TV Gala “Sommernacht der Klassik” at the Semper Opera house Dresden. Renowned Belgian choreographer Marc Bogaerts created “Bolero”, a neo-classical piece, especially for Amanda, which was performed for the Prince of Belgium in Gent. Amanda is an accredited teacher and international examiner of the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet. Students from Sparks’ classical coaching will have the opportunity to attend classes and workshops with Amanda.
Contact us today to receive your information pack and what it means to be coached by Tina. Our studio is situated in beautiful Hervey bay, just a boat trip away from the worlds largest sand Island ( Fraser Island). Families traveling to the Bay can chose to make a weekend of it by selecting from the Vast hotels and family apartments. Contact us for specials and Accommodation discounts.