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Being part of Sparks Troupe is a fun, exciting and rewarding experience.
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Sparks DC Troupe provide a number of performance opportunities throughout the year for all enrolled students.
PERFORMANCE SHOW TEAMS: All students showing interest to perform on stage or at community events will be given the opportunity to shine in front of others. Skills will carry them through job interviews in the future and allow students self-confidence to shine through.
EISTEDDFOD (COMPETITION) TEAMS: Both show teams and troupe members may be given opportunities to compete on stage. These teams develop essential life skills such as team work, persistence and confidence.
SOLOS, DUOS & TRIOS: In consultation and training with our experienced teachers, students can work towards performing a solo/duo/trio in a range of styles at local competitions. Our teachers are skilled at working with the students to prepare them including managing nerves, performance preparation, review and cleaning of the routines.
GALA EVENINGS: Gala nights also allow our dancers to perform in a relaxed atmosphere in less formal settings.
COMMUNITY EVENTS: Our talent management division allows our performers to experience paid work opportunities throughout the Wide Bay region.
END OF YEAR CONCERT: Our students perform in a professional stage production each year showcasing their development throughout the year in all their chosen styles of dance.