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Don't take our word for it. See for yourself what our clients think Sparks Dance Centre can offer.

Jorja joined Sparks Dance Centre after coming to the open day and talking to Tina. She made us feel very welcome and her knowledge of dance and growing children's needs was very impressive. We have stayed because my daughter loves her teachers and has made some life long friends. She has also grown and improved with her dance thanks to the wonderful teachers. Tina and her staff create a friendly but professional environment which we love.


Sparks has an expectation and presentation of excellence and this is why we decided to join the studio! We stayed because the standard of teaching is excellent, there is an atmosphere of professionalism and we have great support!


Sparks Dance Centre is a fun, nurturing, encouraging and culturally diverse family that I will always be a part of. Every individual has one thing in common; dance. The passion and talent I witnessed not only in myself but in my peers inspired me every day. At Sparks I was encouraged to set goals as an individual and part of a team. The technical training is smart and safe. I rapidly grew as a dancer each day. I was pushed to my limits. I had so many performance opportunities. In class I didn't only gain valuable knowledge about the industry I aspire to work in, but life lessons. I gained self-pride and confidence and many other skills from achieving goals that I never would have thought possible if it weren't for Sparks. Sparks turned me into the dancer and person I am today. Every dancer has a unique path, journey and story and I believe that each student who has Sparks at some stage in their story is positively blessed.


In 2012, I auditioned for a ‘Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance)’ course at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane and I didn’t even make it to the second round due to my lack of training in ballet and contemporary, having only started dancing outside of school the previous year. I was advised to try out Sparks Dance Centre, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I had ever made. Tina was able to offer me a full day of dancing every week, in the Dance Excellence program which focused on fitness and strength training, and a lot of ballet and contemporary. After dancing 20 hours a week for 3 terms, I went to the audition the following year feeling a lot more confident and made it into the course which I am thoroughly enjoying and about to start my second year. The teachers at Sparks are amazing and helpful mentors and people who I look up to. I wouldn’t have made it to where I am now without their help. I had so many opportunities offered for performances and workshops at Sparks which helped to increase my dancing experience further. Within a few short weeks, Sparks became my second home and family and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work with so many amazing teachers and fellow dancers for my short time dancing there.


My daughter joined sparks because we heard it was a great dancing school. We have stayed because Tina is so passionate about dancing and a lovely teacher.


We joined Sparks for the caliber of teaching and the opportunities that are offered, We have stayed because of the friendly, family atmosphere and professionalism shown by all, great studio with great teachers and happy kids


I joined Sparks DC because of the wealth of experience and knowledge that the teachers have. I stayed because of the family atmosphere and the friends that I have made... Sparks is like a family!


After traveling twice weekly to Bundaberg for dance classes we decided to join Sparks when it opened in 2012. After years of hearing about Tina in the dance industry we were very excited when we heard she was opening her own studio in Hervey Bay. We knew her experience and professionalism would benefit and guide our daughter in all styles of dance. Tina and the teachers at Sparks have a great understanding on safe dance and professional technique. They have a perfect balance of hard work and fun. Sparks are welcoming, friendly, encouraging and supportive. Once you become part of the family you won't ever want to leave!