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Sparks Dance Centre offers a full range of high quality child dance classes to suit the needs to everyone who loves the arts.


Dancers are taught one of the prettiest syllabi in the world based on the Russian Vaganova method with a strong emphasis on technique, upper body movement and use of head and arms while maintaining good use of turnout and placement of hips. All dancers at Sparks are encouraged to partake in at least one ballet class a week. You will love the results!


To compliment classical ballet we offer Demi and Pointe classes to strong dedicated classical students. It is a myth that you need to be a certain age to go “En Pointe”. You must be able to sew your own shoes, demonstrate commitment and pass each stage of the pointe assessment program in order to dance safely and effortlessly in this style.


Sparks Dance Centre has a certified PBT teacher qualified to teach PBT technique to juniors, seniors and the Advanced Program created by Marie Walton-Mahon.


Sparks Dance Centre has been conducting PBT classes for over 4 years.


Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet. Tina Sparks has been teaching technique for over 19 years and is qualified in Anatomy and Physiology.


Sparks DC offers a range of exciting Jazz classes that will vary each term from cabaret, technical lyrical and dynamic challenging moves in order to develop individual style. Jazz dance is fun, exciting and upbeat offering moves that encourage good flexibility and include high kicks and power jumps.


Cutting-edge risky and inspiring, combining ballet technique and the texture of modern movements. Students will be encouraged to discover their own abilities by pushing the boundaries of their bodies, discovering flow and movement with correct alignment. From high impact to soft and lyrical. Contemporary offers something for every dancer.


Ballet fused with freedom of movement. Lyrical offers dancers the beauty of ballet combinations to modern unique music providing. This class is the perfect addition to your ballet lessons and will encourage the use of upper body and enhance performance technique.


Tapping goes back as far as the 1900’s and has had quite a face lift in the last few years. Dancers will learn rhythm and timing along with joining an elite team of dancers! Tapping is rewarding and once mastered will enhance all other styles. Sparks DC teachers a range of Tap syllabi starting with work suitable for 2 years of age. We offer a comprehensive system that will ensure your children learn not only technique, but also tapping tips on how to look and sound good as you progress through the levels. We cover many styles from swing and ragtime, to funk and rock.


Children aged 3-5 can experience a 30min movement class including Kinder Acro and Ballet. This is a wonderful addition to our Ready Set Dance Program and or Stepping Stone class. This class is designed for children that are ready and are ok with Mum and Dad not in the class room.  End of term parent viewing available.


This dynamic class will develop skills for the stage and screen with improvisation, stagecraft, characterisation, improve self-confidence, public speaking and prepare students for acting and camera work.


A modern stylised class including, Breaking, Popping, Locking, Free Styling, B-Girls and B-Boys. Combined classes as well as boys only. Fun filled sessions with a strong impact of precise movement.


Acrobatics incorporates, strength, flexibility, tumbling and balance programs. Children will be taught basic tumbling skills right up to intermediate and advanced skills. Classes are safe, vibrant and fun with qualified instructors. Additional stunting classes will be on offer for intermediate to advanced students that show dedication, required strength and focus.


If you have ever wanted to be like the cheerleaders and master the skills of dancing, turning and jumping with pom poms this is the class for you. It is helpful to have a knowledge of Jazz dance before entering this class. Pom will challenge your co-ordination with fun fast arm movements along with dynamic steps creating interesting patterns and formations in a team environment.


Our Silk classes are like Ballet in the air. This beautiful dynamic class incorporates basic aerial techniques before moving up to the next level.  Specific aerial flexibility and strength conditioning is incorporated and use of silks added as the student advances.

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